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I’m Paul Pelletier, a long-time veteran in the art and performance lighting industry. 

I started in this industry at the age of 14 years old doing sound for bands and occasional DJ.

In the late 80’s the first intelligent moving lights started being accessible to general publics. I quickly got fascinated with these new lights and controls.

 While visiting LDI 1992 to select some lights for a project, I met with Jens Peter Anderson from Martin Professional. From that moment, I started working with them of various projects, lights and controllers.

In 1995 I was hired by the Martin Professional Canadian distributor as product specialist, I also worked closely with Martin in Denmark on various projects such as LightJockey, MLD, MSD, CASE, MAXXYZ, M-Series, LJ Manager, LED-Trix, M-Series Manager and many more.   
I worked for Martin Professional / Harman until August 2017.

Since September 2017 I am Brand Manager for Chroma-Q, we manufacture top of the line LED luminaire for the touring, and film industry as well as a line of lighting controller called Vista by Chroma-Q 

Meanwhile I learned to do some basic programing in Delphi and made a few applications for my own usage and decided to publish them. 

LD Calculator being one of the most popular one I did. Published in 1997 the LD Calculator is still enjoying a life after more then 20 years.  I guess my code was ok :-)

Being busy with work, I did not update the application is years, but I intend to do so one of these days….




Paul Pelletier
Paul Pelletier
You can contact me directly at paul@paul-pelletier.com