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  • July 03 2007

    • Minor changes to the webpage

    • New version of the LJ DMX-in


  • February 11 2005

    • New LD Calculator 1.02 installer; Fix some issues when installing on XP and  missing icons at start-up

  • October 05 2004

    • New version LJ Scheduler 2.93


  • February 25 2004

    • LD  Calculator in Nomination for Best Products of the Year by the PLSN magazine


  • February 24 2004

    • LJ Manager is now linked to the website


  • March 21 2003

  • November 04 2002

    • -New LJ Touch 1.26

  • August 10 2002

  • August 7 2002

    • New LJ Scheduler version 2.91

  • April 2 2002

  • February 25 2002

LJ Touch Version 1.23  (February 25 2002) 

  • December 15 2001

    • LJ Touch Version 1.21  (December 15 2001)


  • December. 14 2001

    • New LJ Touch 1.20


  • October. 31 2001

    • New LD Calculator Lite Version 1.00 b4

    • Version 1.00b4 was released to solve some bugs in 1.00b3 

  • October. 27 2001

    New LD Calculator Lite Version 1.00 b3

    After 2 years waiting, here it is, a complete new version of the famous LD Calculator!

    It include several improvement and new features such as:

    • New interface look
    • Easier to use...
    • Menu bar in all modules
    • Print function is most of the modules
    • Print of many of the used formula
    • Rigging point list
    • New Electrical Phase load list with Auto-Balance feature
    • New DMX Address calculator with Auto-Address and Auto-Channel feature.
    • Export Function
    • Expanded Library
    • And More!

    A complete list of changes and new features is available here.

Click here for more and to download the LDC...



  • October. 2 2001

    New LJ Touch Version 1.10 



  • Sept. 23 2001

The Paul Pelletier website get a little face lift...

Each products has now it's own page, and a name and email address is required to download the software. This give me the possibility to send update note when there's a new release. The email address won't be use for any other purpose.

  • Sept. 23 2001

LD Calculator News...

For those using the LD Calculator, it's now been almost 2 years since I release the last version.  Due to the lack of time and the development of other applications I couldn't release a new version. But I still spent quite a few hours on it... Soon (I hope) I should release version 1.0 with several improvements. Due to some  bad choice I made on the current version I had to change some file format... this making the new (soon to be release) version mostly incompatibles with the current version. 

If some of you have added fixtures and manufacturers to you user libraries, I would appreciate if  you could send me the files so I can include them in the next release. The files can be found under the LD Calculator folders ( DataFixtureUser.dbu and DataManufacturerUser.dbu)

Email the files at

Thanks to all the users who sent me feedback!

P.S. More exciting news about the LD Calculator should be announce in few months!!!

  • Sept. 23 2001

LJ Touch News...

A new version of the LJ Touch is in the work, faster refresh, easier way to edit buttons, improved interface...

Release date is still now set...

Again, Thanks to all the users who sent me feedback!




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