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LD Calculator Lite

The LD Calculator is a small application dedicated to people who work in the lighting industry.
It provide an array of tools to calculate an automated various daily task such as DMX addresses, current load, photometric and a lot more.

Click here to download LD Calculator Lite 1.02 build 1 for Windows

January 19 2005, new installation file that fix problem under Win XP

Check Philippe MONLONG website for a Palm version of the Photometric module.

For those who wonder if there's a version for MAC,  iPhone, Blackberry etc...  I'm sorry, but I don't have it...and currently I have no plan to do so... (not enough time.,..:-(


Note: If you have a previous version of the LD Calculator, this new version 1.xx is not compatible with previous version 0.xx, so install it in a different folder.
Version: 1.02 build 1 
2 Mb
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Release Date: August 10 2002
By :
Paul Pelletier

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DMX address

Electricity formula

Electrical Phase load

Electrical Load list  

Voltage Drop

Resistance code

Rigging formula

Truck Load

Weight Load

General converter


New LD Calculator Lite Version 1.02 build 1


  • Version 1.02 build 1
    -Correction of the total neutral load in the Phase load list and Phase Load module.
    Thanks to Tomy Neumann for the formula
    -A right on a module icon on the Main toolbar will reactive a module when minimized.
    -Truck load Print layout has been reformatted to give more room to the description field. 
    -Preference window should open without error

    Known Bug: If the default printer is not a standard local printer, the application can generate errors 
    when printing. The solution is to configure and set as default a normal LPT printer.

  • Version 1.01 build 1
    -When changing values of fields having a suffix like W for watts or V for Volts...
    -The suffix disappears as you type the new value and reappear when leaving the field.
    -Windows now resize properly under WinXP theme
    -Many new fixtures added to the library

    -Add mF Min / Max
    -Add Lumen Min / Max

    Voltage Drop
    -Distance calculation now work as intended (Percentage field).

    Electrical Load List
    -It's now possible to edit multiple entries at the same time
    -When modifying a record, the index won't jump to the first record after editing.
    -On the three-phase print layout the total of each phase is now display on the footer.

    Weight Load List
    -Add Weight in Lbs to the source list

    DMX Calculator
    -When adding multiple fixtures, the Fixture ID, Start address and port will be set according to last time you use the Add Multiple function.

    Fixture Database
    -Add new field Magnification mf Max so it's now possible to have both Magnifying of Beam Max and Beam Min
    -Magnifying fields are now calculated automatically as the Beam angle values are entered.
    -Add New field Lumens Min so it's now possible to have both Lumens Max and Lumens Min

Click here for a complete list of changes and new features.




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