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About me,

My name is Paul Pelletier, I work for Martin Professional as product manager for the lighting controllers and video server department


My background is mainly professional lighting. I've been doing it for over 24 years now! At the end of the 80's I started working with moving lights and I got hooked. By 1995 I had started to work for Martin Canada as Products Specialist and Technical Support.Since 2008 I working for the manufacturer directly and enjoying every moment of it.

As a hobby, a few years ago I started in the world of software programming. Having no experience in it, a friend showed me a compiler called Delphi. Right away I knew that I would love that. I bought the compiler and have since learned mostly by teaching myself.

All the applications I have done so far are the result of different needs that I had to face in my everyday job.

My programming skill is still far from perfect, but with every new application I do, I learn a lot of new tricks. Along with the help of some friends like Jens Peter at Martin Denmark, I keep improving myself. So bare with me if you see stuff that is not working properly and email me with any ideas or improvements that I could do to my applications.


Thanks and have fun with this software.


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